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New painting : Garden roses

©Bruni Eric - Ciel d'orage

BRUNI - 40 rue de Beire le Fort - 21110 Collonges Les Premières
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Achat tableau peinture, art figuratif Bruni Eric

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Under the terms of article 238bis AB of the General Tax Code, companies buying works of living artists benefit from advantageous tax provisions.
For works of which the purchase price is less than €5000 taxes, businesses and professions can deduct the purchase price of the result of the exercise of acquisition and 4 following years by equal fractions. This benefit is granted on the condition that the works are exposed for free "accessible to the public, customers and/or employees of the company, to the exclusion of personal offices".
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Recent publication of the last book
Humble nuptials at the edge of the large blue

Couverture de livre Eric Bruni

In this collection to the mysterious title, two inspirations together, without doubt or perhaps by coincidence. Rémi Boyer is always the child who walks hand in that of a grandfather, Walker-poet that walks with him off the coast of the scrubland of the vineyards and the sea. Step by step, he learns the fervor in the face of beauty, in the heart of freedom... and somewhere at the bottom of his heart begins to be born the certainty to be a poet someday...
He hears the echo smashing of unspoken words. So when he meets one day Eric Bruni tables, there the certainty that together, they are on the same path of initiatory exploration, at the center of a dive in the heart of depths of the same nature. Linda Bastide Laureate of the French Academy.

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Classes and courses of painting near Dijon

Cours de peinture au couteau - Dijon

September 2018 to June 2019

Join painting classes organized by the painter Eric BRUNI in his workshop

Possibility of home tuition

Painting in Gold Coast course

Je suis un Artiste Peintre Professionnel certifié I-CAC

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Cabins and olive trees

Abstract painting - Galerie Bruni Eric

Cabins and olive trees

Dimensions: 41 X 33 cm
Size: 16.1 X 13 inch

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Thunder in the Valley

Abstact slot ©Bruni Eric

Thunder in the Valley
61 x 50 cm
24 x 19.7

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Cabins and olive trees

Eclat de coquelicots ©Bruni Eric

Cabins and olive trees

Dimensions: 41 X 33 cm
Size: 16.1 X 13 inch

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